Hoko cafe, Purple town

Written by rokushou

New cafe in purple town, hoko.

Purple townに新しいカフェがオープンしました。hokoさんです。

This lovely cafe used to be in Tokyo and was so populer among young fashionable women. But some reason, hoko moved to our neighbor.


Baked sweets. Really simple. But once I put it in my mouth, realizing their material is really good and handiwork with lots of love.


This is not a cafe for people who only believes in insta-Gorgeous. But We really liked their style.


5 minutes walk from karigane.


hoko(HP) http://www.hocoweb.com/

Kyoto machiya cottage karigane

Official home page


Journey with your own style. 暮らすように楽しむ、京都の旅。

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