Kitanotenmangu Shimaitenjin, antique market

Written by rokushou

25th of everymonth, we have an antique market on Kitanotenmangu shrine called “Tenjinichi”. We always come here to meet one special cute thing on this earth.


Food stalls besides the street.

The end of the year(25th of December), we especially call “Shimai-tenjin”. Every year we get New year’s day ornament here.


Bushukan, a buddha-palm shaped citrus.

Makes me feel like 2018 will end soon 2019 is just around corner.


北野天満宮(Official HP)

15 minutes by cycling or 30 minutes walk from karigane.


Kyoto machiya cottage karigane

Official home page

Journey with your own style. 暮らすように楽しむ、京都の旅。

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