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Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane

Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane was born on May 2017
for a traveler who wants to do more than just visiting general sight on the guidebook,
for traveler who wants to live slow in Kyoto
for a traveler who is ready to explore Kyoto locally, deeply and differently from others.

In Praise of Shadows...

A sunlight goes through lattice, washi paper of shoji screen and delicately shine the room
Which create a gentle and tasteful shades of colors.
With this limited light, all sorts of Japanese arts looks so much different.

Texture of earth wall, curves of wood and bamboo,
Softness of tatami straw, flower and calligraphy scroll

During your stay, please turn off all the light and find out Japanese way of aesthetics


Introducing facilities, amenities and floor plan



How to reach karigane from Kyoto station



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Meet the Kyoto

Visiting temples and shrines is not the only the thing Kyoto can offer.
This is the cultural heart of Japan where you can meet potters, weavers, farmers, painters, craftsman,
calligraphers, tea masters, dyers, zen monks, antique seller...
fascinating people related to authentic Japanese arts and history.
Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane have created a series of private activities to make your stay full of inspiration and unforgettable memories.
Immerse yourselves in the Kyoto culture with an authentic experience.

  1. Free Rental Bicycles

    Rolling into the best days is Kyoto

  2. Your dreamy portrait

    Preserving your Kyoto journey with film camera

  3. Life with Tea

    Mr. Amae, a tea enthusiast & an architect

  4. Morning Worship

    sutra chanting and meditatation in zen temple