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Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane

The Machiya, traditional wooden townhouse was reborn as a whole rent cottage style accommodation.
We are located on the longest shopping street in Kyoto with nostalgic atmosphere close to Daitokuji
temple, a sanctuary of tea ceremony. Please enjoy your days in Kyoto, days in Japan.

Journey with your own style

Wake up with nice and soft sunlight and voices of birds and locals through the window.
“Good morning”, the friendly neighbors would greet you as you walk down the shopping street.
Find a freshly baked bread and coffee bean that suits your taste.
If you decide to stay indoors, how about experiencing Japanese calligraphy and learn how to write your name in Chinese character?
Feels like being more active? It’s nice to run along the Kamo river up to Kamigamo shrine.
Cycling to golden temple or Nijo castle is only 15 minutes.
If you get thirsty, let’s have green tea at Daitokuji admiring its zen garden.
After dinner, let’s try public bath, and make a plan for tomorrow at Sake bar close by.

“karigane” is for people like you who loves the journey with their own style.


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Meet the Kyoto

Visiting temples and shrines is not the only the thing this city of Kyoto can offer.
This is the cultural heart of Japan where you can meet potters, weavers, farmers, painters, craftsman,
calligraphers, tea masters, dyers, zen monks, antique seller...
fascinating people related to authentic Japanese arts and history.
Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane have created a series of private activities to make your stay full of inspiration and unforgettable memories.
Immerse yourselves in the Kyoto culture with an authentic experience.

  1. Life with Tea

    Mr. Amae, a tea enthusiast & an architect

  2. Morning Worship

    sutra chanting and meditatation in zen temple