FROM Kansai International Airport(KIX) or Itami Airport

nearMe.Airport Smart Shuttle

nearMe Smart Shuttle offers door to door shuttle services to and from any hotels in Kyoto city and Airports. The driver will pick you up at the Airport together with other passengers and drop you off at the cottage, karigane. Reservations must be made at least 2 days prior to your departure or arrival. For detail & reservation, please check their HP.

◆Rates between Kix to Kyoto◆(May, 2022)
4,980 Yen for adult
Half price for Children

FROM Kyoto Station

SUBWAY (abt. 30min, 260yen)

Kyoto station, Karasuma line, Kyoto City Subway
↓ Via Kokusaikaikan(15min)260yen
↓ Walk abt.15min(1㎞)   Map from Kitaoji to karigane
Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane

TAXI (abt. 20min, 2500-3000yen )

Takes abt. 25min 2500~3000yen
※Depends on traffic condition


There is coin-operated parking space nearby.
Furatto Park 79 500yen/24h(2022/05)   Map of Furatto Park 79

BUS (40-55min, 230yen)

Kyoto Station Bus Terminal
↓ No.9 Via. Nishigamo syakomae
(Abt.35min, 230yen)  Timetable No.9
Kitaoji Horikawa
↓ Walk abt.5min(400m)   Map from Kitaoji Horikawa to karigane
Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane
(Total abt.40min, 230yen)※Depends on traffic condition

Kyoto Station Bus Terminal
↓ No.205, No.206 Via Kitaoji Bus Terminal
(Abt.50min, 230yen)Timetable No.205Timetable No.206
Daitokuji Mae
↓ Walk abt.3min(250m)   Map from Daitokuji Mae to Karigane
Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane
(Total 55min, 230yen)※Depends of traffic condition

Kyoto Machiya Cottage karigane
Shimomonzen chou 52-2, Murasakino, Kitaku, Kyoto, Kyoto