Preserving your Kyoto journey with film camera

Your dreamy portrait

Preserving your Kyoto journey with film camera

Preserve the moment of your stay at machiya
with Kyoto based creative team, Mr & Mrs Shiga.
While modern technology enable people to take photo a million times a day,
they use film camera to create one dreamy portrait
which you always want to keep by your side.

The camera body is 503cx, from Hasselblad,
and the camera lens is a CF Planar by Carl Zeiss.
The body considered as the greatest of all medium format cameras,
and is known for its beautiful contrast and rich details.



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  2. Details
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【 Basic Price 】 38,000JPY/pose/print
You can choose from "silver print" or "color print" . Both 150*150mm size.

【What's included】
Shooting, 1 handprint, shipping fee to your address in your country

【What's not included】
additional print(3,000JPY/print)・additional pose (5,000JPY/pose)
Costume, Make-up, Hair-set

【 Examples 】
●1 pose, 1 print for couple

●3 people in one group, need 3 prints with 1 pose
Basic price:38,000JPY
Additional prints:3,000JPY × 2 prints = 6,000JPY

●Family trip: Need 3 poses (All people, parents only, children only), and needs 2 prints each
Basic price:38,000JPY
Additional pose:5,000JPY × 2 poses = 10,000JPY
Additional prints:3000JPY × 3 prints = 9,000JPY


【 Place 】 On the first floor of karigane
【 Time / Duration 】 Please book in advance.
From 9:00 am.
Duration: About 1 hour for shooting.
Please do make-up and set your hair before the shooting.
【 Payment 】 Cash only. Please pay during check out.
【 Cancellation 】100% cancellation fee once the reservation is made.
【 Cautions 】This experience is only for those who stay at karigane.


【 Before shooting 】
Please finish your breakfast and get dressed before 9am.

【 The day  for shooting 】
Please enjoy!

【 After shooting 】
Mr. and Mrs. Shiga will choose the one to print. They hand print at their laboratory and send it to your address in your country. It will take about 3 weeks until they send it out. If you wish, they can also send the digital data by e-mail.