Morning Worship

sutra chanting and meditatation in zen temple

5:30 am in the morning. A deep calm filled in a Zen temple. You will be invited to enter the main room to participate morning worship.

Silence will be broken by the sound of bell and the voice of sutra chanting. Sing together with a priest and soon you will find yourself free from worldly thoughts.

After reaching the last word of sutra, silence comes again. Straighten your posture, control your breathing and it’s time to meditate.

After the session, you will be welcomed to a tea room where the monk will offer you matcha ceremonial tea.
Experience Zen meditation to start your day with peace of mind.

Make a request

*Prices : 15000yen per person (From 2 person)
*Availability : All year except for 1st, 15th, 22nd and 28th every month, Bon holiday and New Years holiday.
*Times : pick up at 5:15am at the cottage
*Reservation : 3 days in advance
*Payment : Cash only. You can pay during checking out
*Cancellation is not accepted once you made reservation.