Q1 How many people can stay in this cottage?

Maximum capacity is 5 guests (excluding children who share a bed with someone).

Q2 Is there a special rate for children?

All children must be counted as a guest and price is same as adult. When you make a reservation, please book with the number of guests including children who don’t need their own beds.

Q3 Can children under 2 years old stay at the cottage?

Yes, we welcome children under 2 years old. However there is a steep stairs which could be dangerous for small children who just started walking. So please keep your eye on your baby while you are staying.

Q4 Do you accept credit card?


Q5 What time can we check in?

Check in time is from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Since this is a whole rent cottage, we don’t have a front desk. Therefore, we will wait for your arrival at the cottage. Kindly please advise your check in time one day before your arrival date.

Q6 Can we check in after 9:00 pm?

Please advise your check in time at least one day before your arrival. Please don’t change your check in time in last minutes. In case the guest didn’t show up until 9 pm without any notice, we’ll take the reservation as “no show” at 9pm.

Q7 Can we check in earlier or leave our luggage before check in?

Sorry but since we need to clean the room, the guest cannot check in earlier than 3:00 pm, but we can keep your luggage before check in time.

Q8 Can we check out later than 11:00 am?

Please check out no later than 11:00 am. However, you can leave your luggage after check out at our office 3min walk from karigane.

Q9 We want to change the number of the guests.

Please contact with us through email or “contact” page. Please advise at least one day before your arrival.

Q10 Do you have a parking lot?

We don’t have a parking lot. However, there is a coin operated parking within a walking distance from our cottage. Around 500yen-1000yen for 24 hours.

Q11 Can we invite our friends to the cottage?

Sorry but anyone who are not staying at the cottage is not allowed to enter the property. If we saw someone else is entering or staying at the cottage, we will charge the extra fee 7000 yen per person.

Q12 Can we smoke?

Smoking is prohibited inside the property. We will advise you where you can smoke when you are checking in.

Q13 Can we bring our pets?

No pets are allowed in our cottage.

Q14 Can we use “luggage delivery service” from Kyoto station to the cottage?

Yes, you can use “luggage delivery service”. 1 luggage is 1000yen. This service needs reservation. Please advise us 48 hours before your check in date. For detail, please check “LUGGAGE DELIVERY SERVICE” page.

Q15  Can we rent a bicycle?

Yes, you can rental a bicycle at karigane for free. For detail, please check “RENTAL BICYCLE” page

Q16  Is any meal included?

Meal is not included in accommodation fee, but we have a room service. We can deliver breakfast and dinner from restaurants in our neighborhood. For detail, please check “BREAKFAST” page.

Q17 Can we have a party?

Please keep your voice down between 10:00pm-8:00am. Any complaint from our neighbors may result in the cancellation of your stay without refund.

Q18 Cancellation Policy

*The guest can cancel free of charge until 14 days before arrival.
*Cancel within 14 full days:30% of the total fee will be charged
*Cancel within 7 full days:50% of the total fee will be charged
*Cancel within 3 full days:80% of the total fee will be charged
* You will be charged 100% if you do not show up nor cancel within 24 hours of check in time(3:00pm local time).

Other cancellation policy will be applied in case you book through other OTA sites.

Q19 How often is the cleaning

We will change towel, clean bathroom and toilet, collect garbage everyday between 11:00 am-3:00 pm. We will change sheets every 4th day or in emergency case.

Q20 I’m on the tall side. Please advise if this house has low ceiling, also the size of bed(futon).

The ceiling is higher than 210cm, but there are some lintels which is as low as 175cm(68inch), so please be careful not to knock your head if you are taller than this size. The size of bed(futon) is 210cm(82.6inch).

Q21 Please advise about Kyoto City Accommodation Tax.

Starting from Oct 1st, 2018, Kyoto city introduced Kyoto City Accommodation Tax for everyone who stay in Kyoto. The accommodation fee does not include tax and we will ask you to pay at sight. Price is as follows.
200yen /person / night (If your accommodation fee is less than 20000yen/person/night )
500yen /person / night (If your accommodation fee is more than 20000yen/person/night )

Other questions

Please use contact form below. Please feel free to ask us any questions like where to visit in Kyoto, restaurant nearby, facilities of the cottage. We will reply you as soon as possible, within 24 hours.