Itamae Breakfast
This breakfast comes with grilled seasonal fish they got at the market and variety of side dishes using Japanese seafood and vegetables.
*2500 yen per person. Please order at least 2 portion.
*7:00 am ~10:00 am. Available everyday except for year end and New years days.
*Reservation required 3 days before.


Western breakfast
Our western breakfast is made by “Konaya Coffee” a local cafe who offers specialty coffee. Coffee will be freshly brewed using Saifon coffee maker, comes with homemade croissants, sausage, big size salad, fruits with something sweet.
*2500 yen per person. Please order at least 2 portion.
*Reservation required 3 days before.
※8:30am~10:00am available except for Monday. 



Japanese Kaiseki Dinner
You can try Japanese kaiseki with sushi at karigane made by kaiseki chef.

●For those who would love to try Kaiseki sushi meal
From 15,000yen per person comes with 7 seasonal dishes with sushi.

●Reservation required at least 3 days before.
●Please allow plenty of time to discuss your dinner plans with the restaurant.
●Please note that the restaurant will be closed during the year-end and New Year holidays.
●During the season of autumn foliage and cherry blossoms, extra charge is required.
●Time: We will deliver the dinner to karigane anytime between 5:00pm~8:00pm.
● Drinks are not included. If you love sake, we recommend you to buy sake at Ukai Shoten 15 min walk from karigane. (Closed on Sunday)


Things to note

*All meals needs at least 2 portions to order. 

*Please order 1 kinds of meal per group.
(ex. You cannot order Japanese breakfast & Western breakfast at the same time)

*Cancellation policy: You can cancel for free if you cancel
4days before the day you are eating the meal.(Contact us before 3pm JAPAN time)

*Please let us know if you have any food allergy.